As a Brainy Bunch Part Owner, you will become a Part Owner of the next Brainy Bunch Campus that we'll open in selected countries ran by our selected Operator. Please ensure that you have watched and comprehended the program as described in the briefing video before proceeding. We thank you dearly for your support!

Become Brainy Bunch Part Owner

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  • Details of Brainy Bunch Part Owner

    Brainy Bunch Part Owner enjoys the unique opportunity to own a Part of the next Brainy Bunch Campus opening up in selected countries where we already have the Operators ready.


    A Brainy Bunch Campus will be divided into three major components: The Brand Owner, the Campus Operator, and the Campus Owner. The Brand Owner is Brainy Bunch Headquarters, the Campus Operator is the specific Campus' Operator that we have filtered, selected, and trained, while the The Campus Owner will be the Funders, collectively. The Nett Profit of the specific Brainy Bunch Campus will be split as such: 40% to Brand Owner, 30% to Campus Operator, and 30% to Campus Owner.


    The Campus Owner's Portion is to Raise $100,000 for each campus. A $10,000 fund will give you a 10% Part Ownership of the Campus Owner portion. If you'd like to own 100% of a Campus, you can proceed for 10 units of the Part Ownership. Further informations like Bank Account Details will be requested later, and as such, Profit Sharing Portions will be Distributed Quarterly.


    JazakAllahu Khayr for your Support! Let's continue our mission to educate the Children of the Ummah  to get the Right Education from an Early Age!


    Note: A Partnership Prospectus as briefed in the video will be sent to your email within 48 hours upon confirmation of purchase.