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Franchise Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori

Help develop the Ummah, one child at a time.

The first 6 years is the most important period of education - it’s like carving a stone! 

Teach, Coach and Help children to get The Right Education!

Providing Islamic, Montessori and English prepared environment

The only Islamic Montessori school offering the North American Montessori Center (NAMC) Program

Equip Professionals with Diploma in Islamic Montessori from the International Islamic Montessori Center

Best Brand in Education by Brand Laureate, Malaysian Edition | SMEs 2017-2018


Over the years of Islamic Montessori education, you have the opportunity to grow your Franchise Unit's offering. Number of students can grow with the space and sessions offered, eventually impacting more children than you've ever imagined before - in shaa Allah.


Ages 1.5 – 3 years





4.5 Hours Daily

5 days week




6 Hours Daily

5 days week


Full Day


9 Hours Daily

5 days week



Ages 4 – 6 years




4.5 Hours Daily

5 days week




6 Hours Daily

5 days week


Full Day


9 Hours Daily

5 days week



Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori's franchise model is designed based on the proven & successful business models developed over the past 10 years in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

It is designed for anyone who is passionate about the ideals of the business & committed in running the business based on the franchise system provided by the brand. Brainy Bunch will provide an adaptive support system which is catered to the needs & requirements of the franchise model. The franchise system as well as the support system is adjusted to suit the differing demographical, cultural & geographical peculiarities of the country, area or localities of each franchisees’ territory. This is in line with Brainy Bunch’s master plan for global franchise presence.

For its global franchise program, Brainy Bunch is offering franchise rights to qualified franchisees in the form of Country or Master Franchise & Area Development franchise.

Thus, in order to secure the territorial franchise rights in the Country or Area that you wish to run Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori, you are advised to send in your application soonest. This would enable you upon acquiring the franchise rights to replicate the success of the Brainy Bunch business as the founder did but within a much shorter time.


Franchise Approach

On Going Support

Dedicated Franchise Management Team to support the pre-opening, post-opening and the ongoing development of your business.

Unit Franchise Consultation

  • Location Selection

  • Interior and Exterior Decorations & Furniture

  • Unit Franchise Performance Development

  • Centralized School Management System

Branding & Marketing

  • Online & Offline Outreach

  • Research Driven Advertising

  • 0% Ad Royalty


  • On-the-job Operations Training

  • Pre-Opening Teacher’s Training

  • Ongoing System to Ensure Quality Control

The Brainy Spice: Our Own Education Framework

  • Original Publications

  • 11 Years Worth of Tested & Proven Materials

  • Theme-Based Learning

  • Franchise-wide Year End Concerts

Franchise Recruitment Guide



With an 11 years operational track record, we understand what it takes to succeed in managing a campus. A strong management support structure plus a committed campus operator is typically Brainy Bunch’s recipe for success. We ensure that the franchisee will be provided with top tier support once they have become our partner. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure the safety of your business investment with us. Our franchisees are part of our family and its important to support and look after each other.


Practicing Muslim or Muslimah

Respect and Observe Islamic Shari'a, have a good understanding of 'Aqeedah

Strong desire to Establish the Religion of Allah SWT

Has strong financial capacity

Dedicated and Passionate to Develop Children through Islamic Montessori

Ready to enroll or employ a Campus Manager to take Diploma in Islamic Montessori in International Islamic Montessori Center

Ready to Operate the Franchise Unit, Minimally at the Franchisee Report Level

Coachable, compliant to Brainy Bunch Inc. as the Franchisor and stipulated Brainy Bunch Franchise Rules.

Honors the intellectual property and trademark rights of Brainy Bunch Inc. as the Franchisor



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